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MCLUG is a club for Adult Fans Of LEGO® (AFOLs). It is located in Birmingham Alabama.
AFOL stands for Adult Fans of LEGO®.
MOC stands for My Own Creation. A MOC is simply something that you build using LEGO® building bricks and parts that came from your imagination. Commercial sets don't count as a MOC, even if you build it. A MOC must be an original creation of your own.
All the members are! MCLUG is a casual group. There are members with certain responsibilities to make sure that things get done, but anyone can bring ideas to the table and we decide and vote as a group. Your level of participation is totally up to you.
MCLUG does occasionally put on LEGO displays for schools, organizations, or events. If you have a cause or event that you think could benefit from MCLUG’s involvement, let us know.
A draft is a great way to build your parts supply! There are variations in how a draft proceeds. But in general, everyone that wants to participate contributes an unopened LEGO® set. These sets are opened and the parts are collected into small like groups. Each participant draws a number and then picks a group of parts. We go through all numbers until all the parts are gone.
The result is that instead of getting the 1 or 2 red 2×4 bricks that come in one set, you will get 10 or 20. It is a fun and useful way to get multiple copies of the pieces that you want, at an affordable price.

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About Us

Magic City LUG is an adult Lego fan club based in Birmingham Alabama.

Contact Details

Birmingham, AL

Email: info@mclug.com
Website: www.mclug.com


MCLUG meets each month at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, AL. For meeting dates, see the events page.