About Us

MCLUG is a club for adult fans of LEGO®. We are based in Birmingham, AL. We share our ideas, experiences building tips and techniques, we get together to build and play, and we buy/sell/trade bricks with each other. MCLUG is one of many LUGs (LEGO® User Groups) that exist around the world. MCLUG members work cooperatively, both within the club and with others, to support the continued advancement of the hobby and to generate awareness of the adult LEGO® community locally and globally.


We meet the third Saturday of every month at 1 pm in the Riverchase Galleria Mall (http://www.riverchasegalleria.com/). Please note, meetings may be canceled or combined with other events. Meeting activities include games, speakers, parts drafts, swap meets, and MOC displays. Newcomers are always welcome to join us at a meeting (the friendly staff of the LEGO® store can direct you to our meeting area) or come and see us in person at a meeting or a show. We are always happy to talk LEGO.


At many of our meetings, members are invited to bring a MOC of a particular size representing a pre-chosen theme. Past themes have included: summer, personal goal, motion, among others. See photo album for pictures.


We exhibit several times a year at the LEGO store at the Galleria, which has been very supportive of our group. We work with community groups, libraries, schools and businesses to provide displays and hands-on experiences. Our large annual exhibition is at BrickFair.

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We also participate in online communication through our Facebook group. We share pictures of works in progress and pass on meeting info.


Open to everyone 18 & up. Currently there are no dues for MCLUG. Specific events, such as a parts draft, may require $$ to participate.

Contact our ambassador at info@mclug.com.

About Us

Magic City LUG is an adult Lego fan club based in Birmingham Alabama.

Contact Details

Birmingham, AL

Email: info@mclug.com
Website: www.mclug.com


MCLUG meets each month at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, AL. For meeting dates, see the events page.